The most common membership for NALS members is the Individual Membership. The cost for an individual membership is $120 (National Dues) + $12 (State Dues) + Local Chapter dues (varies by Chapter).

If you are a student, you are eligible for a student membership.  The cost for a student membership is $29 (National Dues) + $12 (State Dues) + Local Chapter dues (varies by Chapter).

If you are a NALS member and have retired, you are eligible for a Retired Membership. The cost for a retired membership $65 (National Dues) + $12 (State Dues) + Local Chapter dues (varies by Chapter).

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$130 – Individual Membership – Individual members shall consist of those persons engaged in work of a legal nature who agree to comply with the NALS Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Individual members shall be members in good standing of a chartered chapter or state association or who work or reside in a geographic area where a chartered chapter does not exist. Individual members shall be primary members of only one chapter and/or state association, and shall be voting members with the right to hold elective office. A $10 processing fee shall be submitted with each new individual member application.

$39 – Student Membership – Student members include students attending an accredited program relating to work of a legal nature, who are classified by that school as taking at least nine hours per semester/quarter of college credit. This membership classification may not vote or hold elective office, except as specifically provided in the NALS bylaws.

$75 – Retired Membership – Retired members shall be members in good standing, who are retired and have a total of five consecutive years as a member immediately prior to retirement, and who have either attained age 62 or have retired due to physical disability, and shall be voting members with the right to hold elective office.

By joining NALS, you are agreeing to be bound by the NALS Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, as well as the NALS Bylaws and Standing Rules.  A person serving a sentence for a felony conviction is not eligible for membership.  A member, to be in good standing, shall be current in the payment of dues or other accounts payable to NALS (as defined in Article V, Dues and Fees), as applicable. 

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