Dara Wasalino Tremblay, PP, PLS-SC


Dara is born and raised in Tacoma where she graduated from Henry Foss High School (1995) and attended the Legal Secretary Program at Clover Park Technical College (1998-1999). Dara received a paralegal certificate from the Eastern Washington University Division of Educational Outreach and The Center for Legal Studies in March 2001.  Dara received her NALS PLS (Professional Legal Secretary) certification in 2005, her NALS PP (Professional Paralegal) certification in 2012, and her NALS Specialty Certificate in Family Law/Estate Planning in 2014.  She works at Elise Buie Family Law as a paralegal.

Dara has served on the Board of Directors for NALS of Pierce County for eight years: Education Director (2010-2012 and 2021-Present), Marketing Director (2012-2013), Vice President/Membership Director (2013-2014), President (2014-2016), Secretary (2016–Present), and Certification Director.  Dara won the NALS of Pierce County Officer of the Year Award for 2010-2011 and NALS of Pierce County’s Keystone Award for 2011-2012 for her work as Education Director.  Dara has served on the NALS of Washington Board for ten years:  Education Director (2012-2014), Corporate Secretary (2014-2016), President-Elect (2016-2017), President (2017-2018), and Immediate Past President and Education Director (2018-2019), and President- Elect (2020-Present).

Dara and her husband, Chris, live in Tacoma. Dara is a barely restrained “crazy cat lady” who enjoys reading, cooking, camping, crocheting, travel, and dreams of retiring to Mexico.  Dara is a TV and pop-culture junkie (you want her on your team in a trivia challenge).


Dara Wasalino Tremblay, PP, PLS-SC Family Law

NALS of Washington President-Elect, and Social Media Chairperson
NALS of Pierce County Education Director
Elise Buie Family Law
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