Are YOU our missing puzzle piece?  Have you been looking for the right “fit” for your dedication and passion for the legal profession?

NALS members are all different, but we fit together in the right ways to reveal a dynamic big picture.

Who are the members of NALS? 

In our world today, legal professionals are increasingly being asked to do more with less, to take on more roles than may be reflected in their title.  NALS understands this and embraces the times.  Puzzle pieces are not all cookie-cutter and identical.  Neither are NALS members.  Our organization welcomes any individuals who share a dedication to enhancing the legal profession:  paralegals; legal assistants; legal secretaries; court clerks; judicial assistants; docketing clerks; law office staff and administrators; process servers; limited-licensed para-professionals; attorneys; legal educators; students in the legal field, etc.

Why become a member of NALS?  

You can’t piece together the image if you don’t have a vision of the big picture.  NALS realizes that the legal environment is always evolving.  Legal professionals must continually expand their knowledge base, develop their skills, and learn to adapt so they can increase their value.  NALS is dedicated to enhancing the legal profession by providing:

  • Education – Sometimes pieces don’t connect until you discover a new angle. We offer education on a wide variety of topics, including:  substantive areas of law; technology; navigation of the court systems; changes in existing laws that govern our practice; ethics; and professional development.
  • Certification – Some pieces just stand out! Set yourself apart in the legal world by spotlighting your initiative and advanced knowledge through certification.
  • Community – It’s not about the pieces, but how they work together. A strong sense of community among our members provides invaluable networking opportunities with peers and otherwise untapped resources.
  • Ethics and Responsibility – You can’t just arrange the pieces however you want. A dedication to adhering to high legal ethical standards and developing critical-thinking skills and judgment helps our members stand out.

Why should you encourage your employer to partner with you and sponsor your membership? 

It’s a great investment in you!  By keeping current with advances in technology and the most up-to-date practices to enhance your development, you show that you have the drive to be an exceptional team member and an invaluable resource for your employer.

Join now!  We’re a perfect match!

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