Profile Description

I began working in the legal field in 2005 as a legal assistant/paralegal.  I have worked primarily in family, immigration, juvenile / dependency and guardianship.  I was fortunate enough to remain with the same 2 attorneys from 2006 through March 2019.  I began working for the Attorney General’s Office (dependency division) in April 2019.  I also worked as a GAL / CASA from 2007 through 2019.

I have a Paralegal ATA, NALS PP, an AA degree, and BS in Law & Justice.  In addition, I obtained my LLLT license in 2019.

I am a SoCal native, but have lived the majority of my adult life in Washington.  When not working, or continuing my education, I enjoy volunteering in my community, and spending time with family (husband and daughter), friends, and my hairless cats (Sphynx).



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